'All Work Has Dignity' It Allows Us To Provide For Our Family

Much has changed from my memories at the original ​Nut Tree and their robust Pumpkin Patches, the Wooz, our schools and sport fields. Yet one thing has remained consistent, Vacaville serves as the land of opportunity for generations to come.

My father immigrated here from Mexico and worked what ever jobs that allowed him to survive. My mother, grew bouncing between homes, often sleeping in their family car, and picked prunes during the summer months. Both my parents did what they had to do to survive and provide a better life for their kids.

My parents instilled a strong work ethic in me, and I am grateful to be a benefactor of the sacrifices they made in a town that has provided opportunities for me that they themselves did not have.

Like many other families rooted in our beloved town, they made a transition from the fields to the food processing industry at employers such as Basic and American Home Foods. These places not only provided a middle class income, the local cash flow helped support other businesses. Collectively, it built a sense of community and the opportunity to earn the American Dream.

I attended Ulatis Elementary and Jepson before graduating from Vaca High. I have worked full time since my high school days helping my mother after my father passed away and throughout college. I worked as a logisitcs supervisor where I focused on increasign morale and efficiency before starting at Solano College at the age of 21. Throughout my academic journey I worked in the health care field in clinics, hospitals and emergeny care. I transferred from Solano College to UC Santa Barbara where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Cell & Developmental Biology and collaborated on research centered on Juvenile Deliquency.


I earned a California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) scholarship while completing my Masters of Science in Biotechnology & Bioinformatics from CSU Channel Islands that allowed me to conduct research at City of Hope, and top National Cancer Institute. After publishing a co-authored study understanding the ability of cancer to recruit genetically engineered neural stem cells to the tumor sites and activate chemotherapy, I returned home with my new family and an enriched experience that allowed me to experience different cultures and experience I never imagined possible!

Returning home and raising my family in Vacaville has allowed me to care for the woman who cared for me, my mother, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My career has been focused on supporting and creating opportunities to pursue that same American Dream my family has through health, education and now policy. 

Currently, I am a full-time professor at Solano Colllege in the Department of Biotechnology, and hidden gem that is focused on training the workforce that has allowed students to pursue the ability to take care of themselves, their families, and their community. We offer a Bachelor of Science in Biomanufacturing for a fraction of the cost of what it would be at a university and our students are getting hired!

Vacaville has much more potential and with your support, united we can move towards an even better future, not only for our generation, but for generations to come.

"Don't just talk about it, be about it!"


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